Subpressure, pre cleaning or complete dust control

Modesta’s smart solutions keep your recycling facilities clean, safe and healthy to ensure non-stop performance. We help you to be a reliable recycling partner!

Dust Extraction

Our modular filters ensure non-stop performance and still operate energy efficiently. We take care of the complete dust extraction including piping and ducting.

Wind Sifting

Wind sifting will extract dust and separate different materials according to their density. Modesta provides wind sifting solutions for your recycling facility.

Waste Handling

Much of the waste can be repurposed into a commodity. We gladly assist you with proper waste handling and thereby make you a more sustainable business partner!


Empowering clean air

Modesta develops solutions for dust extraction and a clean working environment to keep your factory running and to reduce costs.

We are pleased to meet you!

Let's discuss your ambitions and how we can maximise your productivity, so that your factory stays clean, safe and healthy.

Inhouse Engineering & Planning

With our approach, we are able to meet fast, draw and calculate flexibly until the bigger picture is complete and makes perfect sense.

Inhouse Assembling

All mechanics, electronics and software are assembled and tested in the Netherlands to ensure quick installation at your factory.

Quick installation & Maintenance planning

After rigorous testing, everything is shipped for quick installation. We only leave when the system is running and all parties are happy!