Wind sifting or complete dust extraction?

Modesta’s smart solutions keep your agri factory clean, safe and healthy to ensure non-stop performance. We even integrate waste management in your factory!


ECO System

Instead of always having your filter system fully running, our built-in energy control system automatically turns on what you need to ensure energy efficiency and durability.  

Wind Sifting

Wind sifting will extract dust and loose waste while providing a cleansing effect to your agri product! Modesta integrates wind sifting and transport solutions to your agri factory.

Waste Management

When designing your factory, we integrate waste management by default. We assist you with proper waste handling and thereby make you a more sustainable business partner!




How we work

We are pleased to meet you!

Let's discuss your ambitions and how we can help you experience no downtime in your factory, maximise productivity, and keep the factory clean, safe and healthy.

In-house Engineering & Planning

Our approach is to take care of total factory engineering in close cooperation with other members of the Onion Tech Alliance. We are able to meet fast and to draw and calculate flexibly until the bigger picture is complete and makes perfect sense.

In-house Assembling

All mechanics, electronics and software are assembled and tested in the Netherlands to ensure quick installation at your factory.

Quick installation & Maintenance planning

After rigorous testing, everything is shipped for quick installation. We plan everything so that you experience minimal down time and we only leave when the system is fully running and all parties are happy!



What clients and partners say about us

Smart Modular Technology

We offer smart modular technology through a team of service-oriented experts with extensive flexibility to meet your needs. All our filter modules are transported entirely pre-assembled.

Great In-House Flexibility

Our family-owned company designs, builds and maintains all mechanics, electronics and software in The Netherlands. We deliver filter modules from large volume to minimal footprint.

Service Oriented Experts

After pre-assembling and testing at our factory, the new machines or additional modules will be installed at your location. You can always count on our network of sales and service teams.