Airlock Filters (AF)

Airlock Filters (AF)

  • Modesta's solution for flexible dust extraction for the agri, recycling and woodworking industry

  • Automatic air volume control for stable filtering

  • Energy efficient through automatic adaptation of filter capacity

  • Negative pressure with built-in cascade fans

  • Compact shape allows transport of assembled machine in shipping container

  • Automatic built-in filter sleeve cleansing for 24-7 performance

  • Quick installation at final location due to preassembled transportation

  • Possible to set up multiple machines due to modular format

  • Connectable with external transport system for dust storage to container, silo or big bags

  • Thick and strong outer casing for increased durability

  • Suitable for agri, recycling and woodworking industry

  • Built in protection against dust explosion

  • CE, ATEX and NFPA compliant